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Owner Representation

Kevcor represents Owners who are involved in the design, design / build and construction of physical projects. Our clients include family estates, home owners, commercial, and industrial developers, institutions, and Fortune 500 companies. We normally get involved during early planning stages of a project although periodically we introduced to distressed teams or turnaround situations to resolve complex management issues and steer a project to a successful outcome for the owner. Our services include project management, pro forma analysis, professional cost analysis, project accounting, project finance, documentation, and administration of contracts.

OWNER Representation

Design and construction projects involve complex teams performing techniclized skills. Often these teams have long-standing working relationships. Owners are the source of financing for the team to perform its duties and some owners do not have the experience, expertise or time to properly manage and represent their own interests. A significant role of the owner is professional documentation and administration of contracts with each of the team members. Some teams do not function properly. Owner Representation is an extension of an owner's capability, serving the singular interest of the owner, and protecting owner interests throughout the project. Kevcor has a long and successful track record of successfully representing owners on these teams, protecting their interests, and producing successful projects.